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A lovely lady who would tackle absolutely anything.


I've known her for years and she declutters with care, warmth, understanding and humour.


Loving the decluttered house and yes I'm keeping it tidy. It's so easy! So so life changing.

The house went on the market on Christmas day. I can retire at last.


I had a three hour wardrobe makeover with Nicky. It amazed me at how much better I felt editing my wardrobe. 

I can now quickly and clearly see what I have, which makes my mornings much more productive.

Sarah & John

Nicky has been great at kick starting the decluttering process in our home.

I realise that we have kept so much that we do not need in our future and hanging on to this is taking up space both physically and emotionally.

I feel so much lighter  for making the tough decisions to let go of most of it and just keeping the few really meaningful items.


Nicky is a TidyGirl. Everything has a a place and if things have outgrown their usefulness they get dispatched to another home or owner.

She is kind and straight talking. She can be trusted to help you ditch your procrastination and feel liberated when you simplify your living or work space.


I was overwhelmed by the number of photo albums and loose photos that I owned.


But after the photo workshop I am enjoying reorganising my photographs and getting them organised to make into albums....


Lovely presents for the family.

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